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Cuban Missile Crisis vs Benghazi

My father is a high school history teacher. Actually he teaches everything but this year they have him on history.

Anyway, he like to use films in his classes. He uses a number of documentaries and such but also occasionally hollywood type films of historical events. Sometimes he uses the films and other times just to get a peak at a new event he may want to talk about.

The other night he had the movie¬†Thirteen Days,¬†a film i’ve never seen but I know is about the Cuban Missile Crisis with Cuba in 1962.

This scene stood out to me;

The President of the United States is on the phone directly with the Captain of a Navy ship in the middle of the action giving him direct orders.

Now I have no doubt there are probably a few questionable moments as there are in all films. But the story of the Soviet Sub is true.

As this relates to Benghazi we had an ongoing firefight with terrorists occurring an American Consulate in Libya and nothing was done. There was no urgency from anyone in the administration and nothing was ever done.

While President Obama may not have the familiarity with Embassy defense as John Kennedy did with naval warfare that is no excuse to avoid your duty. No doubt technology and communication is far better today than in 1962. There is no reason why nothing should have been done while Americans were fighting for their lives in some desert hovel without anyone who was responsible for their safety and security seeming even the least bit bothered.

There are problems with liberalism, but this is not anything to do with politics. Dereliction of duty and a failure of leadership are indictments against this President. It is small consolation that a lovefest media and low-information don’t care. That is no excuse.