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Hey, Lay Off Man

I’ve never been to New York City and not sure if I really have plans to ever visit. I don’t want to be disappointed by a city that’s not as sterling as the reputation it once had.

In a super city like New York the government probably needs to take on a bigger scale than in other places in order to provide the services that it must so I’ll give a little bit on having a larger than normal government for the circumstances.

Still I feel for the people of New York for having to put up with Nanny Bloomberg types and all his baloney(though not too bad since they voted for him after all).

At this point in time New York is a microcosm of America. Struggling, confused, dejected, hopeless, and leaderless.

It would be awfully nice if Bloomberg and Obama would back off a little with the need to be on everyones case all the time. For folks who like to present themselves as “fighting the establishment”, they do an awfully good job of being the establishment itself.

Maybe not going quite this far, but somewhere in between is surely easy to find.


You Don’t Even Know The Half Of It

by Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

As incompetence, deception, duplicity and dishonesty become the hall marks of the Obama administration, it is important that we not lose sight of the greatest danger posed beyond these serial scandals: the feminization, emasculation and dismantling of our military. The two most important elements of national survival are the media and the military; one keeps us free and the other keeps us secure. We know the media are failing – God help us if the military does also. We may be able to fix the government in 2014. Fixing the military is more problematic.

Let’s begin with Benghazi. It is incomprehensible that any commander, let alone the commander in chief, would go AWOL during a crisis such as Benghazi, but he was. In the midst of the massacre of our ambassador and three heroic Americans, President Obama was nowhere to be found. He did manage to surface, too late for the massacre, to meet a campaign commitment the next day. But, before retiring, we are told he turned the crisis over to his underlings, including the military. What we learned about our military leadership during that crisis should alarm all Americans.

The demise of our military of course begins with the commander in chief, but he can’t do it alone. He has to have willing sycophants and he has had them in the civilian and military leadership at the Department of Defense. The indiff
erence of the people and military inexperience in Congress are contributing factors. The military disasters are a form of gradualism. Look at the changes under Mr. Obama. We cannot focus on these changes enough.

Our military is suffering unprecedented rates of suicide and PTSD. Obama’s sequestration will cut benefits to veterans as well as damage readiness. (There has been a 2000 percent increase in backlog for veteran assistance in four years!) We now have a quad-sexual military with all the health, readiness and moral issues that come with exalting sodomy. Sexual assault is at an all-time high. Women will be tasked to lead bayonet charges. As a result of the sex scandals, Congress is now looking to curtail the military’s ability to discipline, another tribute to the lack of leadership in the military and lack of military understanding in Congress.

Billions of defense dollars are unaccounted for. Christianity is under military attack, and Bibles have been burned to appease Muslims. (References to God and Jesus are forbidden at Arlington, chaplains will be forced to perform homosexual “marriages,” and Bibles and religious item are forbidden to the wounded at Walter Reed, etc.)

We have a new doctrine for crisis: “Don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on.” Therefore, no Normandy or Inchon. In other words, don’t go until the crisis/massacre is over. Their default position is don’t go, period. The military leadership, after the terrorist massacre at Fort Hood, outrageously lamented the effect it would have on diversity – and equally outrageously labeled it workplace violence denying the victims and their families the benefits they deserve.

There have been unprecedented security leaks, and China is electronically in bed with us. They even lost the graves of our warriors at Arlington. I could go on, but it should be clear that all of the above is the result of a leader who knows not the difference between a corps and a corpse and is both indifferent to and unknowledgeable of military readiness. And as bad, the military leadership is complicit in these disasters. (As a further tribute to their ineptitude, they have actually considered combat-level medals for warriors not shooting and desk-bound computer operators, medals that were the laughingstock of veterans.)

But given that the president tasked the military to act in the Benghazi crisis, what did they do? Indefensibly, they did nothing, they did not even try! No obstacle, no doctrine, nothing can defend not trying, never mind the risk, to save fellow Americans. Were they under orders to sit on their a– and let their fellow Americans die? In my 34 years of military service involving many crises, I never knew of one without an after action report (AAR), in which each and every action was put under a microscope to identify those responsible for the results be they good or bad. Congress, the media, someone should demand the AAR on Benghazi. It must exist. Who ordered the stand down? Who said sit on your a–? Why no hearing on this?

Just as the way forward for America is a return to the morality and values of the past, so too must the military return to the readiness standards and common sense of the past. We can survive in a relatively valueless society – but only with a strong and ready military. Sadly the military is mirroring society – the goal of Mr. Obama and progressives – and will soon be impotent. Once the progressives have a helpless military they no longer need to explain why they didn’t go; they can say we are unable to go. Progress is not the path we are on; true progress is the path to our past. The other scandals may be more glamorous and outrageous (such as lying about Benghazi before the coffins of those massacred by terrorists, enemies’ lists and assaults on the First Amendment) but what Mr. Obama is doing to our military is more grave.


At Least They’re Comfortable

Jack Donovan linked this article yesterday. It’s an interview with Noam Chomsky who goes on to say Obama is attacking American civil liberties. That’s not what I’m bringing it up for though.

What I want to point out is the circus that is the liberal excuse machine(rationalization hamster) found in the comments section.
For example;

facetfact mmckinl19 hours ago

Chomsky – republican bullshit – This was started and strengthed by republicans. There is no way to reverse the trend – from the GPS in the cars, to the street cameras, to the individual records of money spent and on what – it’s a done deal.

Bill_Perdue m8lsem12 hours ago

You’re wrong. It began with Carter (trucking, air, rail) continued under Reagan and Bush1, reached acoptyliptic heights under Clinton, continued under Bush2 and is much, much worse because of Obama’s sequestration law. (He signed it and is implementing it and it’s his. Republicans are, or course, cheering it one.)

m8lsem Bill_Perdue12 hours ago

I was unaware the President could enact a law. I keep think Congress has to do it, and these days, it takes Teapugnican consent.

Nick Rudolpha day ago

The biggest mistake Obama has made is allowing the stupidity of the Bush/Cheney regime to continue into his administration. We are seeing the results of this stupidity in West, Texas. They removed all oversight and control of the chemical industry in favor of their campaign donations and now people are dying because of their greed and stupidity. You cannot trust an industrialist to self-police any more than you can expect an illegal alien to self-deport.

And in Texas, we have the moron of the century, Rick Perry, further destroying any oversight and even after a disaster, he stands before thepublic and says, “there was nothing wrong with the fertilizer plant in West.” What an idiot.

cgoslinga day ago

Let’s not forget, voters did not elect a perfect deity to lead the country. Voters had to choose between a young Democrat with promise and a multi millionaire Republican who sold his soul to the wealthy few who supported him. Obama’s policies have been squashed by Republicans whose only objective was to “defeat him in the next election.” The choice was simple then, and even more simple for the next election. Vote the Republicans out and give the Democrats a chance to fix the nation.

It would be funny to watch progressives spin that hamster wheel if it wasn’t so damn destructive. They march in time with Obama and the progressive ideology, but when it’s pointed out they’re doing the exact same thing that they hated Bush for doing, they manage to excuse their behavior as different somehow. Apparently republicans somehow start everything out of malice, and democrats keep it going because they’re forced too.

And the thing is, this article doesn’t even have that many brain-dead commentors on it. I might even say there were more dissenters than rationalizers. Still on other progressive “news” sites, the wheels are found spinning overtime.

What further proof could be needed that the majority of progressive points are nothing but shallow, meaningless, attempts to achieve relevance through phony mental masturbation. Just don’t tell them otherwise, cause as far as they know they’ve achieved nirvana and are the center of the universe.

That’s not to say there aren’t conservative rationalizers or that they don’t do things wrong, but at least when they rationalize things it’s ideas original to their platform and not selling out for the things they used to hate just so they don’t have to beat themselves up over it.

EXCLUSIVE: White House Strategy For Korean Attack Leaked

This is an Odins Lounge exclusive. We have detailed plans of President Obama’s plans in response to an attack of any kind by North Korea.







There it is folks. That’s the Presidents plan and as you can tell he’s been working just as hard on it as he has with Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Hold on to your hats.

Talk Is Cheap

What an underwhelming State of the Union address. Par for the course, I suppose.

Here’s the problem. You can’t talk about how there’s so much more to be done(whether or not it’s even correct in the first place), when you haven’t done anything to fix those matters in the past four years. Why should we believe that it’s going to happen now?

Naturally we heard about the need to spend more money. Not just cause it’s good for the economy, but because there’s so many things to spend it on.

This speech was really a cliffnotes of all the things we’ve heard in the last several months.

Still there were a few shocking moments. One where the President said we would secure our border as part of immigration reform and two that we would do things to encourage more families getting/staying together.

I was truly shocked to actually hear him say something smart. But then I realized it doesn’t matter cause nothing will be done about it.

Securing the border would mean real people have to do real work and not just passing a law that says so.

As for the family issue, getting families together would mean reducing benefits for single moms, which we know isn’t going to happen. That’s a core constituency after all.

The State of the Union was underwhelming because there’s no reason to believe any of what was said would happen. When a guy speaks on television every week and continually says the same things, there isn’t any reason to believe him when he’s made no effort to do those things. It’s also a bit disingenuous to ask Congress to send a bill over, or have a vote, when you’re the guy who’s known for circumventing that process with his executive orders.

Any can sound impressive, it’s actually doing things that counts however.

Dirty Barry

The White House has released this photo of the President performing one of his many shooting adventures.The photo is of course an an attempt to rationalize that the President understands and can sympathize with all those gun owners he’s trying to criminalize. After all you can’t call someone a bitter clinger if you don’t care about them.

Still this effort at rationalization is pretty pathetic. It’s the equivalent of someone saying, “I’m not racist/homophobic, I know plenty of black/gay people”. Pretty weak argument. If you can’t win on logic, this sort of desperation only makes you look worse.

'Dirty Barry'

‘Dirty Barry’

Some people know are claiming the picture might be photoshopped. Maybe it is, but I don’t think so. Still there are plenty of signs the President has no idea how to shoot(Shocking). You can’t blame him, I have no idea how to write internet code either, because I’ve never learned. While the photo is real it’s probably(most certainly) firing a blank.

I’m a relatively new shooter, but I can tell you anybody firing a gun like that is asking for trouble. His hands are poorly placed, the butt is too high on his shoulder, his cheek is resting on the butt, and he’s standing straight up rather than leaning into it.

What’s amazing is that with such a poor position on such a large weapon the President is apparently immune to recoil. In the hands of a mere mortal that gun would buck so hard he’d drop it on account of the recoil and pain from his imminently bruised shoulder.

Which is why the gun was probably firing a blank round. Following this picture should’ve been a news story when it was taken that the President hurt himself shooting. That’s not a problem with a blank because there is little to any recoil since nothing is being fired down the barrel but smoke.

Still the photo will have the intended affect as the low-information voter won’t know the difference or care anyway.

Leadership 101- Grade F

President Obama is a horrible President. Politics aside he is a poor leader. When history speaks about him it will say he was a President who preferred to golf and couldn’t make decisions. He wanted to be President, but not do any more work just because of that.

His idea of leadership is to let others work on solutions only to say no while doing nothing of his own. Looking at the fiscal cliff in December and now the debt ceiling he has no plan of his own. His plan is merely telling others that their plans aren’t close enough to his plan…whatever his plan is.

Here we are facing two separate fiscal issues a matter of weeks apart and he is instead only speaking about gun control. Also an issue of which he delegated responsibility to VP Joe Biden. Working on gun control with the finance problems America is dealing with is like securing the poisonous chemicals in your home in a safe cupboard while the entire house is on fire. It’s a rather large misdirection of effort.

A good, let alone great leader, will take on problems with responsibility. Handling it because they are the one in charge, even if the task at hand falls outside of their direct responsibility. Beyond taking responsibility, a good leader will find a way to do the things he needs to without stepping outside the lines.

Here’s two videos to help understand leadership. Whether you prefer success and leadership guru Tony Robbins or a group of kids from the 80’s.

The Desert Gets Cold at Night

American Jew’s are finding themselves a bit upset lately. Obama’s new Secretary of Defense pick Chuck Hagel doesn’t exactly have the rosiest of relationships with Israel. At 2% of the population they make a powerful lobby, though apparently not powerful enough.

What did they expect? This point of view of Obama’s wasn’t a secret. They’d have known if they had bothered to do a little homework, but they didn’t and now they reap what they sow. It’s not as though American Jews are of the tough nature that Israel’s Jews are. Banking and University jobs are a long from the west bank.

Looking at this situation, you wonder how did the most hated and scapegoated group in history survive this long? It wasn’t through toughness. Name a famous Jewish warrior? Jews are hated and have been chased around the western world for thousands of years. They settle in one place, make a living for a while, then get chased out to somewhere else. If they’re not fighting for their place in a given society, they’ve got to be doing it with cunning. But I don’t see much cunning in a group that voted for a guy who has it in for their ‘nation’.

Maybe it’s just the American Jews that make it seem like they haven’t got any survival skills, cause I wonder how they’ve survived this long as a group if they really have such poor instinct.