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Look Out Below

How far has America fallen? What is an apt comparison to describe the fall from the greatest nation on earth to one that can barely function? I can’t think of one.

Let’s look at a moment at the current status of the world and ponder.

Russia is, at the least, balkanizing Ukraine while extorting the rest of Europe for natural gas. Venezuela is on full on riot mode. There was a coup in Thailand(again). Africa continues to conflagrate beyond its normal standards. Iraq is beginning to the struggle of bearing its own weight. China keeps hacking away at us and stealing every blueprint or patent that isn’t nailed down. Russia is rekindling its relationship with Cuba. North Korea mocks us by taking us for our ride with its nuclear threats. And so much more it’s ridiculous. While our government grows fatter while its service winnows to ever impressive levels of non-existence.

And while this goes on, what does the average American think? If you pulled someone aside and asked them about the world what would they say? They might have a moment of clarity and remember those tweets about #bringbackourgirls, and say something about how bad that is while not knowing a lick about it. If this person is an advanced member of society they might even say something about the stock markets closing at record highs. That would be remarkable, it would also be remarkable if the US could recover a Marine who got himself lost in Mexico, but no we can’t even manage that anymore.

More than likely that citizen you pulled aside would be the guy on his cell phone talking about the NBA playoffs. Oh their 3-point shooting was off, good to know. I’m glad you can spend 20 minutes talking about basketball to someone as equally as irrelevant as you for I would be disappointed if this country were to actually try and accomplish something instead of parroting the talking heads of ESPN.

Or perhaps it is the young lady( I use that term as a noun with no sincerity), who cannot help but take pictures of everything she and her friends do and upload them to facebook. Look we went to the pool today, look we ate food, look we’re in a car. Why it’s almost as if you did those same things every weekend, i’m sure glad you documented it all so I can differentiate between the identical activities you partake in regularly.

Oh America you silly nation. Keep your eyes closed because you don’t want to see where you’re going.


Be Like Me, I Have Guilt

Why do we give assistance to other nations? Not assistance when there’s an unexpected disaster like an earthquake, tsunami, but rather generalized assistance for basic things like food and water.

The United States spends a lot of time and money giving aid to a lot of third world countries for these things. A lot of people, correctly, think we shouldn’t because these nations need to learn to stand on their own. After all that’s what they did before we helped them anyway. Crop storage and irrigation techniques were perfected in each part of the world thousands of years ago. Considering that reason there really is no excuse for their to be starvation in Africa today. Except there is, despite our best efforts. These forms of aid are international welfare, they create dependency for people who can least afford to be soft.

There are many people, both in the west and in the various locations, who are aware of these truths so someday real help may be a possibility.

Still there is something interesting at work to consider in this matter. While conservatives probably donate more money to these kinds of charities and agencies(that is beyond whatever federal programs/funds exist for the purpose), it is the liberals who love them the most. For progressives it is not so much about helping other people as it is in helping themselves, namely through massaging their egos.

They love to help those poor Africans, Asians, and Latins develop themselves into modern citizens of the first world, the very thing they make snarky comments about over at huffington post.

In helping these poor third worlders with the various their forms of assistance they can’t help but westernize them through their contact, thus turning them into the very thing they so openly despise for its materialism and vanity. “Native African culture is so wonderful, it’s so free and uninhibited”….”which is why I’m doing my part to undermine and make them just like me!”

Truth is the best thing we could do for people around the world is let them be themselves. What’s the point in saving/helping them if they aren’t allowed to be whatever it is that they choose for themselves. People of the various nations of the world are not a toy for you to play dolls with. They are not there for you to feel good about yourself for being cultured, while washing off their culture to replace with the same thing you despise your neighbors for.

It may be a small world after all, but that doesn’t mean you get to go around meddling in the affairs of other people simply because you think you know better. Leave them alone and simply enjoy and observe, take part in they invite you, but don’t take charge.

Books to Avoid; The Communist Manifesto

I read the communist manifesto by Karl Marx not long ago. I didn’t expect to be impressed and no way in hell was I going to be converted to Comrade Mikalivich Grabinavich. But I, as an intellect seeking middle ground type conservative I like to know what my opposition is up to.

What better material can you read to get an idea of liberalism than that of the founding father, so I picked up a copy from the library.

I’ve stopped reading books because they were poorly written, because I couldn’t concentrate in my surroundings, and occasionally because I just thought it was stupid. The communist manifesto falls into that last category.

I knew I would balk at most of the content, but I tried to read on anyway. Still I couldn’t finish the damn thing. It’s so bad I just put it down and was happy to give up. There is no content to the book. I was well aware of what communism is before I read the book but I expected a little more depth here to be honest.

Marx is basically a dollar store philosopher because that’s all his ideas are worth. It’s so plain and simple that I don’t understand how it can have inspired so much in the world. I know that often the simpler solution is the right solution but there’s literally nothing to it.

And that’s why it’s the perfect manifesto for liberalism today. Because liberalism today is also nothing, it also makes statements of grandeur and moral authority but in the end it doesn’t even have a pin to hold up its own trousers and would fall apart if not for the legions of delusional morons to stupid to use their frontal lobes.

Party Priority

There is a post at House of Eratosthenes about the liberal statement of, PASSED BY A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, PASSED BY A SUPER MAJORITY IN THE SENATE, AND DECLARED CONSTITUTIONAL BY SCOTUS, as regards to a victory declaration of the validity of the ACA.

The post then goes to explain that while it may be legitimately legal, it does not pass the smell test.

Oh yes, the vote was valid. And legal. And the House of Representatives is charged by our Constitution with the obligation to represent the Will of the People, therefore, to bring that will to the decision-making process. The thing is, though, they fucked up when they did it. They did it wrong. Next time the real “People” had something to say about it, there was a bloodletting, because this isn’t what they wanted.

Supermajority in the Senate: Sixty to thirty-nine, with one abstention. Again, not a single Republican vote. But a supermajority is a supermajority, right? Two words: Cornhusker Kickback. And many other things. No representation of the true Will of the People in this chamber, either.

I then began the process of conjuring up my own thoughts on the matter and this it what it comes down to. The way ACA was passed and is being carried out is in effect similar to the way things were done in the Third Reich*.

During the latter half of World War Two, decisions were made by the leaders of the Third Reich to destroy Germany as they retreated. For a clear understanding of this read, Inside the Third Reich, By Albert Speer. As the situation got worse and worse for Germany the situation became more and more a matter of party loyalty. Those who demonstrated the highest commitment to party ideology were given the greatest platform, regardless of the sanity, truth, or reality of their plans or suggestions. There was no sense of loyalty beyond the National Socialist Party. Germany to them was nothing, the Nazi party was everything and the only thing.

That is similar to what we have with the insanity of Reid, Pelosi and Co. today with their insanity and foolishness. There is no need to consider America or Americans because the party and its belief system is all that matters and is all that is worth working for.

The ACA will have the equivalent of blowing up all the bridges and flooding all the mines of Germany but we do it anyway because it is an item on the list of goals anyway.

However the situation is not all similar. For if we look to Albert Speer again we can look to a statement of his from his Nuremberg trial.

In political life there is a responsibility for a man’s own sector, for that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State? But this collective responsibility can only apply to fundamental matters and not to details….Even in the an authoritarian system this collective responsibility of the leaders must exist; there can be no attempting to withdraw from the collective responsibility after the catastrophe. For if the war had been won, the leadership would probably have raised the claim that it was collectively responsible….I have this obligation all the more since the chief of government has withdrawn from his responsibilities to the German people and to the world.

A great statement. Simple enough for any five year-old who has been properly raised could understand. And yet how many times do we hear excuses from the same people who have passed this disfigured excuse of a law? How many times do the people who passed this law with a supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House now blame republicans for everything occurring which was entirely predicted? Weekly at least. For further examples we could extend the matter of responsibility to a number of other issues/scandals that have occurred and have received no further attention.

Of course the statement is also great because it brings up another point. What if it was working? Would they be willing to take all the credit? Certainly so, so why are they not willing to take the responsibility? Because the party comes first and last.

*I am not a person who invokes Godwins law as a moral trump card in argument but rather a historical enthusiast who draws similarities between situations.

Take A Stand

I keep hearing in the news now that many weak-kneed Senators are upset that Ted Cruz hasn’t consulted with them before bringing up his defunding Obamacare strategy thats currently being metted out in congress. The way their complaint works out is of course stupid. Their claim of not being shown respect is flimsy. What’s more disrespectful making you’re fellow Senator massage your ego by asking you about every issue, or not voting with and supporting your fellow Senator on a critical issue?

The claim is that Cruz comes from Texas and thus has a greater conservative backing and doesn’t need to appeal to moderates as much so he can be more direct with his attempts to defund Obamacare. Though since nobody seems to have any plans to do so I’m not sure what they’re suggesting.

The point is, screw the moderates, their moderates because they don’t have anything on which they’ll consistently make a principled stand. They might have one or two issues they feel strongly about but if you can convince them something else is more important and urgent they’ll put that on the backburner. These are not low-information voters, they can be swayed, and they will be more likely to come around to someone who takes a principled stand and has the information to prove their point than someone who is so pathetic they are willing to go along to get along and be the “lite” version of their opponents. If the moderate voter wanted democrat lite, they would vote democrat. But the moderate voter wants whatever makes sense, and polls suggest people think if makes sense to scuttle Obamacare.

Do You Know Who You Are?

This story about the transgendered former Navy SEAL was popular a few days ago.

I don’t get it. The gay pride circus includes transgendered as an extra battalion to include in the battle for bullshit but the problem is transgendered is itself nothing but bullshit.

If you’re gay or lesbian we can qualify that. You are a guy or girl who likes relationships with other guys or girls, thus making you gay or lesbian.

Transgendered is nothing more than playing dress up combined with a lack of self confidence or personal familiarity or something.

You are either a man or a woman and that’s it(though some rare people can be both). If you are a man trapped in a womans body or vice versa that doesn’t make you the other thing.

You have no more claim to being of the other gender than the loser at the bar wearing an Eli Manning football jersey has to actually saying he feels like he is Eli Manning.images

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. I feel like James Bond but i’m not. No matter how much I wish, how much I hope, or how much I spin in a circle I simply never be Bond. Just like Donny the Douche will never be Eli Manning and you’ll never be a woman so long as you have a Y chromosome.


Browsing the articles on the Detroit News website today, found a few stories worth sharing.

Apparently the US does still have a functioning criminal justice system.

Grand Rapids — The former president of a mortgage document processing company has been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison on a racketeering charge in a Michigan case.

Nothing to see here, it’s not a problem at all, you’re just a racist.

A Mexican citizen in Roseville has been charged with illegally registering to vote and voting in Michigan, state Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said Thursday.

José Antonio Ramirez-Velázquez, 47, has been charged in Macomb County’s 39th District Court with one count of making a material false statement when registering to vote, which is a 90-day misdemeanor

From The Detroit News:

One of these things involves people making an active choice to commit a crime, the other is mostly the result of selfishness and idiocy. Can you guess which is which and also which one kills more people each year?
Detroit — The city has experienced a rash of gun violence this week, leaving two dead so far and 10 injured, police say.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a report released Friday that its preliminary tally found 34,080 people died in traffic crashes, up 5.3 percent and the first increase in more than seven years.

Of course if people were educated, civilized, and lived in a country with a functional economy you might be able to fix the problem.
Detroit — Lawmakers representing urban and rural areas of Michigan want to make it tougher to sell scrap metal in an effort to slow an epidemic of thefts that threaten public safety and cost businesses and homeowners millions each year.

Political Formating

Monday I wrote about the legions of progressive keyboard warriors fighting the good fight in the name of whatever their latest cause is. This caused to me think of something that’s pretty simple. Now because it’s simple at first I didn’t think it was important to mention. However as I thought on it, I realized it often is the simple things that cause problems because people don’t have the proper baseline understanding of certain concepts.

The simple thing I thought of is the difference between someone who changes their mind, a hypocrite, and rationalization. To compare these differences we will use chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Our baseline character will be a person who loves chocolate ice cream. They believe it is the best ice cream and the only way to go. They might even say that we shouldn’t even make vanilla because everyone should be eating chocolate anyway. It’s all chocolate as far as they are concerned.

Now we will apply each of the different mentalities to that person and see what is behind it.

Our character can freely change his mind. The ability to think is what sets humans apart from animals, and if our character has an experience that makes him feel that vanilla ice cream is acceptable, than he can do so freely. Whatever it was that changed his mind, he has the mind to change.

A hypocrite is when our character enjoys vanilla in private but still campaigns against it. They will continue to beat vanilla to a pulp, even though they like/support/use it simply because it is politically expedient and gets them votes. They might have an excuse for why they do it, typically based in narcissism.

Rationalization. This is when our vanilla hating character calls for all those who voted for vanilla to be tried for war crimes. Only once they get into power, they end up not only not changing anything but actually doubling down on the support for vanilla. However, when they are called out on this, they will rationalize it away with excuses like “We’re just doing what was already started, we didn’t even get to pick the flavor, we don’t really have any power, it’s still all your fault, there is absolutely nothing I can do”.

And that’s a simple comparison of changing your mind, hypocrites, and rationalization with a political undertone.