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The Art of Conformity

Here’s a thought.

If the general style became what was popular with a non-conformist, would the non-conformists change? What’s more important to them, the state of being a non-conformist and standing out or the style with which they’ve chosen as representative of themselves?

I think the answer would reveal a lot about the actual state of people who consider themselves non-conformists.

Most “non-conformists” are just goofy kids, even when they’re adults. Like how a goth has to wear black, I mean I get that’s part of the theme but at the same time their point is to be unlike everyone else and they are all still like each other.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care much what other people think, but that applies mostly to the way I speak and act, I still look pretty much typical in my appearance. But that’s also because I couldn’t be bothered to change the way I look just for the sake of appearing to be different. Does this make me a conformist or non? I’m inclined to think I’m a conformist still, though i’m no expert on the subject.


Competent to Stand Trial

If you are deemed incompetent to stand trial, shouldn’t you also be deemed incompetent to live in society?

It seems only fair that if a person is not liable enough for their actions to stand trial for it, than they should be kept away from society, for everyone’s sake, to avoid anything happening. If you can’t be measured for your actions, then you should be limited in your ability to do anything of which you would be guilty.