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America the Magnificent

I love the United States of America. I’m proud to be an American because it is the greatest country the world has ever seen. I don’t mean that it’s the greatest in terms of its success, though it is. What I mean by the greatest is that the form it has makes it the only government founded on principle rather than tribal territorial rule.

There is nothing wrong with the system of tribal government. It is the most common system throughout history and to criticize it as illegitimate is to criticize human existence. I’m simply stating that America is better because it was founded on principle first.

I love America and that is why it pains me to watch it suffer. This country we have today is far from what it should be.

That is why I want to see America fall. I want to see America crumble under the foolishness of its modern government. It most certainly has to considering the incredible burden of debt it carries.Iwo Jima

I hate to see America suffer at the hands of so many idiots. I’m not talking about just the politicians either. There are far too many Americans who are either afraid or ignorant of the responsibility they have been given under this system. It is because they are nothing but fools that I want to see America fall.

I want America to fall so that it can be rebuilt in its proper image with the original spirit it once possessed. So that it may be built even stronger the next time. It would be stronger not because there are any changes to the principles found its founding documents. Rather it would be stronger because we would know how precious it is and how it must remain guarded.

In order for America to be reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix,  it must first destroy itself. Given the present circumstances, that seems likely to happen.