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Cancer Tour Goes Sunbathing

Mistakes happen all the time in history. Genuine mistakes for many reasons, whether ignorance of outcome, or simply that things went wrong. People make decisions and the wrong thing happens as a result. This happens with the largest impact in politics.

However there are mistakes and there is just plain stupid. Again this happens most with politics and never before has so much stupid happened so regularly.

Let’s just look at many recently occurring political topics. Immigration, Obamacare, Gun control, Taxes and Spending, and Energy. And in all those issues a majority of Americans don’t want anything to do with them and yet we keep pushing those issues politically.

Another issue is race now pushed to the forefront by George Zimmermans acquittal.

We’re supposed to be having a “national conversation on race”, but its not a conversation at all. It’s a drowning out of anything resembling a conversation, argument, debate, or discussion. It’s not that we don’t want to deal with the issue, but that like the other issues, it’s a one sided debate and the conclusion has already been reached.

Bill O’Reilly has stirred up a media hornets nest recently with this segment on his show.

The liberal and black press has gone wild on O’Reilly and Don Lemon, a black CNN newscaster who agreed with O’Reilly.

O’Reilly hits the nail right on the head, but the problem is he’s making waves when the issue has already been settled as far as the left sees it, thus the ongoing hornets nest.

What makes it more amazing is that the left thinks the problem is that we have uncontrollable racism problem in this country and that it only goes one way with white on black racism. Most of the rest of America thinks there is no race problem, they ought to know since they’re the ones being accused of racism.

Mistakes happen in history. The mistake happening now is that the leftist/socialists in America think racism is a problem fermented in the white center of America and they once again refuse to look at the history they have trying to “solve” the problem previously.

Racism in America does not exist because Americans(white) are racist, if anything they’re incredibly un-racist, it exists because half of the political class is so deluded by the victim Olympics that they don’t can’t even realize it’s their own enabling of the victims that drives the issue further and further.

Think about it. If you’re a young black person taught your entire life that racism is prevalent all throughout America and that you can’t help yourself because you’re surrounded by racist whites and only the government can protect you(the same government that enslaved you once before, thus fueling your claims of racism ironically) you’d probably demand everything handed to you as well.


Won’t Get Taxed Again, YEAH!

Many people are complaining about the proposed internet sales tax because it would cost them money as a consumer, as taxes naturally do.

Surely people of all political persuasions don’t want the tax and for good reason. Who wants to pay an extra 6% on top of the purchase price, plus shipping for your latest treat to your yourself. When you don’t have to pay the tax you likely don’t think about it, but add up everything you buy online and the sum of your tax bill will give you something new to notice.

It’s funny that most of the complaints center around the fact that people will be losing more of their money, but how many of these people have no problem wanting to raise incomes taxes on other people?

Hurts a lot more when it happens to you doesn’t it?

I’m the Taxman!

Canada has a lower corporate tax rate than the US and yet raises more in taxes from that lower rate.

Here’s a section from the story as it appeared yesterday on the downsizing blog by the CATO institute.

The new budget shows that the Canadian federal 15 percent tax raised 1.9 percent of GDP in revenue in 2012, while the U.S. federal tax at 35 percent raised just 1.6 percent, per CBO.

It’s a two paragraph story with two charts, go check it out.

Talk Is Cheap

What an underwhelming State of the Union address. Par for the course, I suppose.

Here’s the problem. You can’t talk about how there’s so much more to be done(whether or not it’s even correct in the first place), when you haven’t done anything to fix those matters in the past four years. Why should we believe that it’s going to happen now?

Naturally we heard about the need to spend more money. Not just cause it’s good for the economy, but because there’s so many things to spend it on.

This speech was really a cliffnotes of all the things we’ve heard in the last several months.

Still there were a few shocking moments. One where the President said we would secure our border as part of immigration reform and two that we would do things to encourage more families getting/staying together.

I was truly shocked to actually hear him say something smart. But then I realized it doesn’t matter cause nothing will be done about it.

Securing the border would mean real people have to do real work and not just passing a law that says so.

As for the family issue, getting families together would mean reducing benefits for single moms, which we know isn’t going to happen. That’s a core constituency after all.

The State of the Union was underwhelming because there’s no reason to believe any of what was said would happen. When a guy speaks on television every week and continually says the same things, there isn’t any reason to believe him when he’s made no effort to do those things. It’s also a bit disingenuous to ask Congress to send a bill over, or have a vote, when you’re the guy who’s known for circumventing that process with his executive orders.

Any can sound impressive, it’s actually doing things that counts however.

Here’s Your Tax Solution

Good news, it looks like your tax rate is about to go up. Good thing there are no political agendas at work here. I’d hate to think that the best plan be implemented.

But this is what we voted for. A blabbering boob who says we have stubbornness that people won’t come together on a deal, while being the guy who hasn’t even considered to deal, that is when he’s even working.

Of course the best part is that if a deal is reached in the next half a day, the blabbering boob with take all the credit and the no doubt historical deal will do absolutely nothing to fix any of the countries financial problems.

No Pain, No Gain

It’s rather ridiculous that people, particularly in the news media, seem to think the economy is okay and on the way up.

Why is it ridiculous? Well here’s a good list of 75 econ. statistics from ZeroHedge that’ll blow your mind.

Here’s the real problem with the economy, the stimulus, the fiscal cliff, taxes, spending, all of it. It hurt going in. The economic contraction that started the recession in 2007 put a serious damper on the economy and it’s affect was felt by everyone. Even those not directly affected felt it’s presence.

That was just going in. We haven’t actually done anything to fix the problems, nor prepare for anything to get worse. The economy is saddled with serious baggage. For the economy to actually and truly improve it will have to seriously shape up.

I can't go on...this is too hard

I can’t go on…this is too hard

The term ‘shape up’ is actually a very good one because it is an excellent metaphor for the situation. Americas economy is fat and out of shape. Sure it’s robust, but it can barely move and it has diabetes. However it has continued doing the same things that turned it into a fat tub of lard and given it diabetes.

In order to actually improve it’s health it is going to have to hurt itself. It is going to have to go to the gym and workout out everyday in the future in order to improve. That’s going to hurt. Exercise demands effort for even an in-shape person and it’s going to actually hurt someone who isn’t even close to being in-shape. Merely going through the motions and pretending that it’s working out won’t help either. It has to really feel the burn, and not just feel tired or strained, to get improvement. Most people exercise don’t understand real strain. They never experience it, and therefore the first bit they do feel is to them the greatest pain ever when it reality it’s nothing.

The United States felt pain going into this economic mess it’s become and it’s going to have to feel it a lot worse in order to come out again.

Incentivize Congress to Balance the Deficit

Last week I had a post suggesting that if anyone really wanted to lower taxes they would eliminate automatic deductions and make people see how much their losing when they cut that check to the government every month.

I continue the suggestions for how to handle the countries debt issues with this post.

If anyone in the government was serious about dealing with the deficit and debt there is an easy solution.

If the government cannot create one budget in the black in 3 years than they must pass a balanced budget for the next year before they are allowed to do anything else.

To further incentivize that, pay and benefits could be withheld(from congress) until the budget is balanced. To even go a step further you could say that if they don’t balance out that 4th years budget that they will have to pay back all of their salary and benefits from the previous 3 years.

Though not all members of congress are as rich as John Kerry or Michael McCaul, but I doubt good old John Forbes would want to pass on a paycheck. Surely the less affluent members of congress wouldn’t want to.

The threat of the fiscal cliff hurts the nation more than it does the government, and members of congress are not likely to be affected personally so why not make them bear a personal responsibility for actually doing their job?

Lower Tax Solution

It’s not likely that taxes will be lower for anyone next year. By not likely, of course it’s impossible. However if republicans really want to lower taxes they would do well to look to the future. Change people’s attitude on taxes and you can change their mind.

How do you change their attitude? Advertising, research, PSA’s, and logical arguments? In a perfect world that would work. However we live in a rather dumb and ignorant so something more personal is needed.

If republicans want to lower taxes the best thing they could do is to remove automatic deductions. If people were forced to cut a check every week or month in order to pay their taxes, if they had to actually sign the money away to the government, I doubt they’d be as oblivious as to how much money they’re losing.

Through taxes, insurance, and my 401k contributions I used to give up about a third of my paycheck every week. Even though I knew I was losing that much money, it didn’t really bother me. Not in the sense that it festered and kept irritating me. I just accepted it and moved on. No doubt it is much the same with most people.

However human behavior is not all that hard to predict. If everyone had to sign over large chunks of their income that they previously hadn’t paid enough attention to to fully realize they were getting it, I think their minds would change relatively quickly. Make them feel the personal effects of the tax rate and their reaction will follow.