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It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors.

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 17, 1781.



Experience is the oracle of truth: and where its responses are unequivocal, they ought to be conclusive and sacred.

James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 20, December 11, 1787.

Single Moms Are Like Gloves

There’s been continual talk about single mothers versus two parent households ever since Mitt Romney mentioned it during one of the debates. I even brought up the value of single moms in my post The Single Mom Outbreak.

Of course it’s true that two parent households are better for children than single parents so it should be a non-issue but liberals and feminists just love beating a dead horse until it becomes an accepted reality. Though they don’t realize the irony(or is it hypocrisy) of their assertion that single moms do just fine while giving them more and more free crap.

Today I look out the window at the snow and think about gloves and mittens and realize what a great analogy they make. Anyone who lives in a cold winter climate has experienced the following. Gloves keep your fingers separated and gives them greater freedom of movement but at the cost of warmth. Mittens on the other hand keep your fingers together keeping  them warmer by sharing body heat, but at the expense of individual finger movement.

Single mothers are obviously like gloves, more freedom of movement, more “liberated” and free to determine their own actions, but at the expense of added warmth and security. Two parent families are mittens, perhaps a little more burdensome and restrictive, but consequently more providing and secure.

The reason there’s been so much self-defense by the single mom crowd is the same reason that anyone does it when questioned. It’s embarrassing and it hurts to admit our flaws and put them out there for everyone to see. And the larger the fault, the more embarrassing it is.

It’s ironic that these are the same people who say things like “real men cry”, or “real men are in touch with their feelings and aren’t afraid to show it” in order to get men to try to change their behaviors. Apparently men should be required to pick themselves apart and challenge several millenniums worth of human existence to “better” themselves individually, even though it’s more like they end up suffering shell-shock from their psychological digging that comes with that castration procedure.

In today’s modern society it wouldn’t be polite to expect single moms to question their own experiences, that’s just for weak, incapable men. Single moms, hell all feminist women, don’t have to ask questions of themselves cause they simply know they’re right.

They have to be, society told them they were. No matter how many mistakes you make or how many women do it, it’s okay because you don’t have to challenge yourself as a woman, whatever you do is acceptable and there’s no reason for anyone to challenge you unless they’re a sexist.

Perhaps it’s time to redefine what it means to be a “strong independent modern woman” so we can replace it with something more accurate. Though that’s unlikely because it would require feminists to deal in truth and reality, no wonder it’s so hard being born a woman.

Less fake offense means less bull****

As a nation we’re regularly shocked, appalled, outraged, and bowled over by things our politicians say.


We’re shocked when politicians say controversial things and blame them for overstepping the line. Bullshit.

Why would we not want them to say what they think?

If we wanted the perfect response to everything why not just make a robot to be in charge.  Surely we have technology today.

I’ve come to the point where I like people who say challenging things and get in trouble for it. It means their not full of shit.

I’d love it if Mitt Romney came out and said he hated poor people, I mean really lay into them. Same if Obama said horrible things about christians or any other group. At least it would tell you about them, because it’d be an honest statement.

I’ll take honest and cruel over fake and nice every single day.

We want, no, we need the truth and the standard bullshit just don’t cut it anymore.

I want straight unfiltered comments, no bullshit, pure truth, tell me what you really think. At least then we can’t pretend to be surprised at how fake and full of it our politicians are.

We expect perfect politicians and are then surprised how full of shit they really are. Not a single person can claim that Obama is any different than Bush was and that they’re both bad Presidents. Advantage Bush for being more Presidential.

There’s also very little reason to believe that Romney will actually do anything to repair the country should he be elected. The system is broke and being fed a healthy helping of bullshit everyday is problem number one.

Ever notice politicians never criticize themselves, but during campaign season their opponent is the spawn of satan himself?

Give me unfiltered truth and opinion because that’s the only way they can stop hiding. All the flakey candidates will be weeded out and we’ll be left with the genuine article. They may not be perfect, but their not supposed to be since that doesn’t exist in reality anyway. Besides we’ve been trying for perfect for decades and look where it’s gotten us, right into the middle of a clusterfuck.

Screw the political BS and let’s just elect smart and capable people. First step to doing that is stop expecting our politicians to have a textbook satisfying and hollow answer to everything.